Accessible technology at your doorstep

We are a product development and distribution company with operations in the USA and Europe, with a mission to bring accessible technology at any doorstep. From product idea to post-purchase experience, we deliver smart and high-quality devices and are top-marketers on the biggest online shopping platforms and offline sales channels.

Our Brands:

Constant progress

We started in 2015 with 5 people, and within a year successfully launched 2 brands and 8 products, mastered their promotion on global markets, skyrocketed our sales and grew the team to 30 people. And we keep scaling the company at a remarkable pace, growing our geography, product portfolio and expertise.

Unique expertise

At Productech we combine expertise in market research, product design and management, performance marketing, brand building, logistics and customer support, with a strong vision of technological advance made accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Design of new values

Our every product is designed to change a belief: a belief that durable can't be beautiful, that portable must be fragile, that quality must cost fortunes. We create beautiful things that do their job well and prove their value with what they are, not what they cost.


Global presence


We sell globally, direct to consumer and partner with the best online sales platforms. All of our products are sold and delivered in top marketplaces, where they reach “Best seller” positions among hundreds of thousands of competitors.

  • amazon
  • ebay
  • walmart
  • newegg
  • indiegogo
  • rakuten
  • stackcommerce